Bukowski de botequim


I wish things would tell me secrets
but they are just the debris of stale desire
I wish I could go to Hell on a package tour
I wish there was plenty more fish in the ocean
I wish there was a God of Love and Vengeance
I wish there was sex, drugs and rock’n’roll
but rock’n’roll is the disowned son of the Blues
and the sex and the drugs stopped working long ago
I wish my poker face was believable
I wish the early bird did catch the worm
I wish there was Karma
I wish Kant and Sartre were right, at the same time
I wish there was an atoll in the South Pacific
I wish Les Chants de Maldoror would whisper me
something I don’t know yet
I wish Jesus or Buddha had it all figured out
I wish there was a sadness to all happy endings
I wish there was a purpose and a meaning
I wish I had in me the blessing of superstition
I wish there was peace to be had at the bottom of the glass
or in the barrel of a gun
I wish Cortázar had no idea what he was talking about
I wish there were lessons to be learned
I wish I could invite all those demons for an orgy

But I don’t believe any of these things
I wish I believed.

foto: Buddha Lounge, Chinatown, San Francisco, 2004


2 comments so far

  1. ronas on

    Nada a ver, ainda bem, mas eu curto esses neons, e curto nomes de bares em neon. Tem uma música da banda X chamada The Have Nots na qual cantam uma viagem através dos bares de beira de estrada. Os nomes são muito divertidos, tipo get down lounge e aorta bar. Eu curto essa música e curto X.
    Ando curtido em curtição, um lance meio Globo. God save me!

  2. Dr. Fiasco on

    Cara, eu adoro X. É um som que me lembra Los Angeles. Qualquer dia desses vou fazer um registro fotográfico dos meus neons preferidos em San Francisco.

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