A Very Special Cine Fiasco – Dream Screen Short Film Festival

Este é o festival que eu e o meu amigo Dean Mermell estamos organizando. O Dean acabou de finalizar o último curta dele, “Lucid”, no qual eu dei uma mãozinha. Vamos fazer a première mundial do filme aqui no galpão com direito a limusine, tapete vermelho e black-tie. Como o filme do Dean é sobre sonhos, resolvemos fazer um mini festival de curtas sobre sonhos. Se alguém aí no Brasil tiver material relacionado ao tema e interesse em participar é só mandar um DVD para a seleção. Mais informações abaixo.

A Very Special Cine Fiasco – Dream Screen Short Film Festival

Dream Screen Short Film Festival
April 25, 2008

The mysterious world you spend a good third of your life in should have its own film fest. Well, maybe not a full-on festival, maybe a deeply intense evening of quality short films that dwell on the dream theme. So for the first time, San Francisco will host the Dream Screen Short Film Festival, and you’re invited to submit. There is no entry fee and nothing to win!

This is a non-competitive, informal event, a cinematic exploration of dreams as seen through the eyes of modern filmmakers. Films should be under 10 minutes (though if you have something longer, please submit it for consideration). Films may be any genre, including narrative, experimental, comedy, animation, and documentary. Any film with a central theme of dreams or dreaming will be considered.

Submissions should be on NTSC DVD and are due by April 11th 2008. Yup, soon. You will be notified a few days later if your film is accepted. DVD submissions will not be returned unless you provide a stamped, self-addressed envelope. Accepted films must be submitted on DV or DVCAM by April 21st for compilation in the program. Like, soon!

The location for this dreamy event will be the “ChickenPlex”, home and headquarters of 2007 San Francisco Mayoral Candidate and arts impresario Chicken John. It’s an awesome screening room that can hold a lot of people. Your film will be nicely projected and sound good, too. There may be live music and festive libations. Please send your DVD submission(s) to:

Dean Mermell
Dream Screen Short Film Festival
121 Santa Marina st
San Francisco, CA 94110

Please label each entry with your name, phone, email, the name of your film, and total running time. If your film is accepted, we’ll get in touch with you for more details to put in the program. Questions? dean@storyfarm.com


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