“The ultimate word is I LIKE. It lies beneath philosophy, and is twined about the heart of life. When philosophy has maundered ponderously for a month, telling the individual what he must do, the individual says, in an instant, “I LIKE,” and does something else, and philosophy goes glimmering. It is I LIKE that makes the drunkard drink and the martyr wear a hair shirt; that makes one man a reveller and another man an anchorite; that makes one man pursue fame, another gold, another love, and another God. Philosophy is very often a man’s way of explaining his own I LIKE.”

Jack London, The Cruise of the Snark

I’m off to the Phillipines today.  Let’s go sailing!

Also, this blog will turn to English because that’s what the largest number of my friends and family both in the US and Brazil can understand but if anyone needs a translation to Portuguese, let me know and I’ll be glad to do it.


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  1. Renas on

    Boa viagem!!!!

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